The 50plus Dog Owner [jacket cover]

Finding Canine Love After 50

As any dog owner - past or present - can tell you, the sight of a wagging tail meant just for you and the loving licks of a furry comapnion are among the many special rewards of a dog-human bond. But for those over age 50, contemplating canine companionship also raises questions about how a new four-footed family member will fit in with your lifestyle. Will your living space accommodate a dog? What type of canine would match your personality and energy level? Would an older or younger dog be best for you?

Author (and member of the "50+ Club") Mary Jane Checchi offers expert advice in key areas relevant to her readership, such as travel, housing, cost of care, and equipment. The 50+ Dog Owner also explores the numerous health benefits linked to dog ownership for those with depression, loneliness, high blood pressure, and heart disease.



Finalist, The USA Best Books 2011 Awards in the "Health: Aging" category


If you are looking for — or already have, as I do — the joy of canine companionship, then look to this book! It is full of up-to-date information and advice about choosing and caring for a dog, all especially tailored for those of us who have passed the half-century mark. There is no other book like it.
Senator Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia, dog lover extraordinaire, first elected to Congress in 1953 and the longest-serving member of the US Congress.

The 50+ Dog Owner

Nominated for the Dog Writers Association prestigious Maxwell AwardTHE 50+ DOG OWNER:  Complete Dog Parenting for Baby Boomers and Beyond is the essential guide for anyone over 50 who is contemplating life with - or who already lives with - a dog.  It Includes: 

  • How to select a dog who best matches your lifestyle and living arrangements
  • Step-by-step calculation of costs associated with acquiring, feeding, grooming, training and health care
  • Easy-to-follow care and training advice
  • Information on canine-friendly housing options
  • Selection of products and services to make life easy for the over-50 dog owner
  • How to travel with your dog and not cramp your style

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Recent Reviews of The 50+ Dog Owner

Older Dog Owners Have Different Needs

Book Provides Pet Advice for Baby Boomers
by Celeste Buck, Chicago Sun-Times, August 4, 2010

What if I don't outlive my dog? What will happen to my pet?

These are some of the questions that concern the older pet owner.

Those questions and many more are answered in the newly released The 50+ Dog Owner: Complete Dog Parenting for Baby Boomers and Beyond (TFH Publications Inc., $24.95) by Mary Jane Checchi.

The book is designed to help aging empty nesters, those still working and retirees who already own dogs or are contemplating getting a dog. It encourages elderly dog owners to identify concerns and then shows how simple it can be to surmount or detour around problems

[Read More at the Sun-Times] September 2010

Great book for shelters to suggest to senior adoption prospects and geared towards the senior owner.

Written in an engaging, straightforward, senior-to-senior style by a proud member of the 50+ club, the in-depth expert advice is both easily accessible and appropriate for seniors who want, or already have, the companionship of a dog. The topics covered are especially relevant to any senior whether an empty-nester, newly retired, or widowed and include travel, housing, cost of care, and equipment, as well as the numerous health benefits linked to dog ownership for those with depression, loneliness, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

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