Praise and Endorsements

Mary Jane Checchi gives excellent advice to families on all aspects of helping children choose and care for pets. Pets are more than great companions -- they are also wonderful teachers, and caring for them helps children learn about responsibility, respect, love, and other important values that will last a lifetime. Checchi's wise counsel will be welcomed by parents and children everywhere.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy

For parents who do their homework before bringing home a pet, this book will be a godsend. It is a realistic look at pet ownership and the time and commitment it takes to do it right, and takes the pressure of success or failure off the child's shoulders.

Jacque Shultz, Director of Special Projects, ASPCA

Finally! A book that really gets to the heart of the 'animals-and-kids' matter. Are You the Pet for Me? is a must-have for parents who are considering adding an animal to the family. Mary Jane Checchi has done her homework, and offers superlative advice on which pets suit what families--and what families would be better served by having no pets at all. With the preponderance of evidence linking animal abuse to human abuse, the role of the family pet is no small consideration. I highly recommend this book.

Susan Chernak McElroy, Author of the New York Times bestseller Animals as Teachers and Healers

This book will be a godsend to parents who don't know what pet to get for their child, or whether to get one at all. The author's clean, clear prose, and her obvious understanding of both animals and children, will help them make the right choice.

Marguerite Kelly, Author of the nationally syndicated column, The Family Almanac; Co-author of the best-selling The Mother's Almanac and Author of The Mother's Almanac II

There should be a law that everyone considering pet ownership must read this book. The messages shared will strengthen the human/animal bond, increasing the pet owner's enjoyment. At the same time, perhaps more importantly, these wonderful creatures that share our homes and lives will be saved the suffering and abandonment brought about ignorance.

Clayton MacKay, DVM, Former President, American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)

It is said that a pet is the only relative that you can choose. This book will help you make that choice. It is essential reading for anyone who is even considering buying a pet for themselves, their children and their home.

Stephen L. Glasser, OD, FAAO, Volunteer, Friends of Homeless Animals.

Mary Jane Checchi's Are You the Pet for Me? treats lovingly, logically, and thoroughly all the joys and responsibilities a family will experience when they elect to bring a pet into their lives. After reading it, I came away with a deeper appreciation for what wholesome value God's creatures can bring each other.

Marv Levy, Former Buffalo Bills Head Coach

With a bracing mix of knowledge, sanity, and compassion, Mary Jane Checchi joins a long line of friends of animals. She writes as a peacemaker. Her words-if heeded--are sure to decrease the violence done to our pets while increasing the joy of companionship.

Colman McCarthy, Former Washington Post syndicated columnist and Author of All of One Peace